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“The magic to succeed is already inside each and everyone of you!”

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Every day Schools,untitled-34 colleges and Universities face the challenge of looking for unique ways to inspire their students and faculty.  For more than 25 years Sam has presented more than 8000 thousand spectacular live events across the country including more then 2000 schools and universities. However he does more than just entertain. He shares awe-inspiring stories of how he was a full time single dad for 18 years raising his daughter since she was 6 months old and the lost of his hearing just 10 years ago and now profoundly Deaf led to losing everything he owned including his house to foreclosure!

He will share how he came to the conclusion that he only had two choices- give up or give it all you got.  Sam discovered the simple secret of  how changing his attitude, working hard and embracing his Deafness let him become one of the top performers and educational key note speakers in the country and now America’s premier Deaf magician. Destroying the lies of failure and unveiling the truth of how hard work, being kind, and giving it all you got will help you accomplish what seems impossible.

Sam reminds you and your audience that your attitude is the first step to creating real magic. Being kind, working hard and that positive attitude will make you unstoppable!

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