School Assemblies K-8 & High Schools

DEAFinitely Magic is a spectacular inspirational educational show featuring America’s premier Deaf magician Sam Sandler and his assistant Leslie.

During this high energy, fun and educational 50 minute show your students and faculty will learn and experience

  • What is deafness
  • How Sam overcame his deafness (powerful dynamic stories are shared by Sam)
  • The Power of Kindness
  • Witness spectacular illusions
  • Famous deaf people & the amazing accomplishments achieved through hard work
  • Learn basic ASL (American Sign Language)
  • Volunteers will help Sam on stage
  • How you should interact with the deaf (etiquette, etc.)
  • Hilarious comedy and tons of interaction and participation
  • Technology helping Deaf

Sam does not simply tell your students what hard work and a positive attitude can do- HE SHOWS THEM!

“Total Student Engagement! Highly Recommended!”
-Jeff Dillon, Principal/Superintendent Wilder Elementary, Wilder Idaho


      This is so much more than just a magic show. Sure you will witness incredible illusions such as the impossible production of a person out of thin air or birds appearing and vanishing in the blink of an eye, incredible escapes, and then there is the comedy- oh how you are your students will laugh and laugh out loud, but this show goes so much further.

     More than an entertainer, more than a speaker, Sam has a heart to share stories of his own brokenness and how through changing his attitude and working hard to inspire others he has discovered real magic and true joy. Beyond the magic Sam takes you and your students into a world of wonder with his unique style of magic and his awe inspiring stories. He will pass the magic and wonder to your students be it an elementary school, middle school, high school. Each show is tailored for each school type.

“This was by far the very best assembly I have ever seen. Teachers were in awe as to how good it was. Amazing magic and powerful Message for our students.” Marylou Hoffman, Principal
St. Anthony Elementary School, Manteca, California

Sam is so looking forward to the opportunity to not only entertain but more importantly inspire you and your students.

Almost half a million students in 45 states have already experienced the magic, comedy and inspiration of America’s only full time Deaf illusionist, now it’s your turn!

Sam’s program was high value entertainment with a Powerful message! Kids laughed hilariously, were informed about the deaf community and encouraged to keep trying even when obstacles come about in our lives. Sam was hilarious and used students on stage in a fun and engaging way.”

-Ms. Sarah Mansur, PTA Clear Lake Elementary School, Keizer, Oregon

Kindness is one of the keys that unlocks many doors,
A language the blind can see and the Deaf can hear.