untitled-99.jpgYou want to host an event for your employees where they will experience not just magic and wonder but a whole new outlook on life where they simply cant help but be inspired.

A year end party, summer get together or your annual convention Sam will apply the skills he has harnessed over his 25 years of experience as a full time master magician and key note speaker.

This is not just another magic show. With over 8000 live shows in 45 states Sam has perfected the blend of magic and comedy with tons of audience interaction and participation.

Thanks again for an amazing performance!  My guests and I were thrilled with your show! If you ever need a reference, please let me know.

Michal Hofkin
Senior Inspector,MDIA
Southeast Penna. Market

You ask yourself how exactly how does Sam do this, with magic of course. However this is so much more than just a magic show. Sure you will witness incredible illusions such as the impossible production of a person out of thin air or birds appearing and vanishing in the blink of an eye, incredible escapes, and then there is the comedy- oh how you are your audience will laugh and laugh out loud, but this show goes so much further.  More than an entertainer, more than a speaker, Sam has a heart to share stories of his own brokenness and how through changing his attitude and working hard to inspire others he has discovered real magic and true joy. Beyond the magic Sam takes you and your audience into a world of wonder with his unique style of magic and as his awe inspiring stories.

Whether Sam is speaking to an audience of a few hundred or several thousand an audience large or small matters not, Sam has the uncanny ability to make everyone feel as though he is speaking directly to them.

whether a key note speaker for your next conference or company get together Sam will tailor his inspirational motivational talks so that they resonate with the audience before him. Using his experience of overcoming insurmountable odds through hard work and positive attitude Sam motivates individuals and organizations to achieve greater victory in life.

Sam shares awe inspiring stories, and uses humor to educate audiences while keeping them engaged. He also tailors his speaking events and magic shows to fit the needs of his audiences in a memorable and motivating way, breaking through the deceptions and false realities people face each day revealing the key to experiencing joy in the midst of brokenness.

Sam looks forward to speaking with you to discover your desires for your next event so that he then can create a show or speaking engagement that will resonate with your audience.  let the magic begin!

We had an employee that saw one of  Sam Sandler’s amazing magic shows, so we decided to hire Sam to provide entertainment at our company’s annual holiday party.  He was AMAZING!!! Funny, energetic, engaging… and certainly astonishing.  He performed some close up magic around the tables for a while, and everyone that he interacted with was stunned and smiling from ear to ear.  He really has a knack for connecting with people quickly.  Then he did his stage performance, where he called up volunteers, including the plant manager.  Man, was that funny!  The magic was nothing short of spectacular, and for weeks after the party, employees were still talking about the magic he did and how much more fun our party was than in previous years!

Sam was worth every cent, and we can’t wait to hire him again for another party!

Mike Rodman
Avery Dennison

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