Top 5 Reasons to Work with Sam

  1. It’s A Magical Show You’ll Never Forget!

You may think you’ve seen a magic show, but when Sam shows up, it’s going to be different than anything you could imagine! Sam’s unique ability to unite unbelievable magic and illusions with gut-busting comedy has resonated with audiences around the globe.

Using the inspiring world of magic, Sam shares his powerful and dynamic story of overcoming immeasurable brokenness and finding hope in the unexpected. Having found unspeakable joy in the midst of immense difficulty, Sam’s magic will not only inspire and amaze you – but you will laugh and laugh a lot along the way!  Make sure your audience leaves full of hope and amazement by inviting Sam to make your next event unforgettable!


  1. It’s an Incredible Experience Custom-Made For You and Your Audience!

Sam’s extraordinary magic is sure to blow away your audience, but it’s his intimate, personal connection with people that makes this show stand out from the competition. Sam’s passion is to invest special time with each client, helping them discover their specific need and desires for their special event. No matter the size of the group – what matters to Sam is who is going to experience the magic and message!

Sam will customize his show or speaking to connect on a personal level with each audience. Whether you are planning a company retreat, a business conference, a school assembly, or a special event for your university, Sam can bring the magic and message to your next event!


  1. Sam’s Magic Is Unexpectedly Unique.

Having performed over 9000 live shows and speaking events in 45 states, Sam has perfected a unique blend of magic, comedy, and awe-inspiring stories – but he has done it his way. While most magicians and entertainers strive to be like everyone else, Sam sets his goals a little higher: Be the true, extraordinary performer he was created to be!

Sam’s show is as unique as his personal story of overcoming the odds – from finding hope after his life-changing experience of becoming deaf, as well as his struggles being a single father for 18 years. His message of hope and inspiration provides clients with a performance that no one else can recreate. You’re not just getting another cliché magic show – you are getting The Hilarious Magic of Sam Sandler- America’s premier Deaf magician and renowned national speaker!


  1. Sam’s Magic Has Two Special Ingredients – Trust and Integrity.

What do Merk, Lockheed Martin, Purdue University, Sesame Place, Red Cross, and over 1500 schools in 40+ states all have in common? They have all trusted Sam to provide a spectacular, magical event that has entertained and inspired their guests!

Sam believes in common sense, and he knows that real respect in his field isn’t purchased – it’s earned.  For more than 20 years and across thousands of shows throughout America, Sam’s clients have trusted him to provide a spectacular show and speaking event. With The Hilarious Magic of Sam Sandler, your audience will not only enjoy an unbelievable show – they will gain the tools they need to take their own special brand of magic to the world – the magic of Kindness!


  1. Sam Is Excited To Serve Your Community With His Message of Hope!

When Sam brings his unique mix of magic and message for your audience, he knows that he is doing so much more than magic – he’s bringing a much-needed message of hope that will inspire your community and guests. In the entertainment business, many magicians and comedians feel that they should be served instead of serving.

Throughout his career, Sam’s clients have remarked on how easy Sam is to work with, and how much they enjoyed every step of the process! From the first contact to the final goodbye after the show, Sam will ensure that you, your team, and your guests leave with a sense of new hope and inspiration. Sam looks forward to serving you and your guests by providing a spectacular show that inspires. We look forward to speaking with you and helping you create a successful and life-changing event!

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