Sam Sandler

America’s Premier Deaf Magician and Inspirational Speaker


Sam Sandler – magician, inspirational speaker and America’s only full time deaf illusionist works with corporations, schools, colleges, universities and many other organizations across America to create powerful, life-changing events. With over 8,000 live shows in 45 states, Sam has perfected the blend of magic and comedy with a powerful and dynamic inspirational message.

“Sam your show and your story were beyond amazing! We have had so much positive feedback and we were inspired. Involving audience members on stage made the show more exciting. We loved the show!!”Thanks.”

– Purdue University

Sam has spent the past 25 years crisscrossing the country entertaining and inspiring audiences big and small, from the Tropicana Casino, schools, (more than 1500 schools) colleges to companies like Merk, Lockheed Martin, the Red Cross and Pfizer.  He was recently named “Close-up Magician of the Year” by the Philadelphia region’s Society of American Magicians and has won multiple first place awards for his style of magic.

“Sam was attention getting!
It was amazing to see someone so successful
over come his ‘disabilities’ and challenges. 
Highly recommended!”

Ms. Jennifer Velasquez, PTO Coordinator
Sierra Grande Elementary, School Blanca Colorado

But things haven’t always gone so smoothly for Sam. In 2005, while a practicing magician, Sam began to experience the initial stages of a genetic disease called “Progressive Hearing Loss.” By 2009, what had first presented as difficulty clearly hearing voices and background noises had developed into complete bilateral deafness. Sam had transitioned into a world of utter silence. It was a difficult reality to accept, but instead of letting it destroy him, Sam chose to turn his situation over to God. He knew that the world‘s illusion of hopelessness concerning his hearing loss was not the truth. Sam chose instead to listen to God, knowing that through faith in Him, The Lord would turn this stumbling block into a stepping stone.

Moving forward, Sam redoubled his efforts and retooled his act to accommodate his auditory situation and created a new innovative show called ‘DEAFinitely Magic,’ delivering a powerful message of dynamic inspiration. In 2014, Sam set out on his first national tour across America racking up over 360 shows in 39 states!


Today, his unique blend of magic with a message has allowed him to be a featured speaker in thousands of  schools, universities, churches, and corporations, and many other events in thousands of cities across America. Whether gracing a large stage with thousands in attendance or smaller intimate settings, Sam finds a way to pierce the heart and evoke a desire to discover that the magic to succeed is already inside each and every one of you.

Sam’s inspirational story has led him to be featured in an article in the “Linking Ring,” the official magazine for the International Brother Hood of Magicians and in Genii magazine (the largest magic magazine in the world as well as numerous books, magazines and newspapers.

“The way Sam uses his loss of hearing as a tool for motivation and encouragement is breathtaking and heartwarming. You do not see a defeated victim. Instead you see a confident and loving spokesperson that uses his life as an inspiration for others.”

Carlos M. Velez
Calvary Church-Souderton Pa

Whether you are looking for a fun night of magic and fun or have an audience you want to inspire Sam can create that magic and wonder.

Sam looks forward to personally speaking with you about your next event so that he can better understand what you want to accomplish and then he will boggle your mind, inspire your students, make you laugh out loud till it hurts or all of the above with his spectacular fun show.


Thanks again for an amazing performance!  My guests and I were thrilled with your show! If you ever need a reference, please let me know.

Michal Hofkin
Senior Inspector
Southeast Penna. Market


“Excellent! One of the best assemblies we have had.
Awesome message and lesson for the the kids and
the Deaf education was powerful.”

Jake Olson, Principal
Donnelly Elementary School, Donnelly Idaho

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